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Professor Frank McDonough has appeared on TV and radio numerous times discussing the Third Reich. He featured in a six part series ‘Nazi Secrets’ for National Geographic in 2012, and a 10 part series ‘The Rise of the Nazis’ for the Discovery Channel in 2014. This series was broadcast in the USA entitled ‘Evolution of Evil’ and the 10 episodes can be viewed below. He has featured in other Third Reich documentaries for BBC 1, Channel 5, and Russia Today. He acted as ‘Historical Consultant’ for the BBC ‘History of the World Project’ and the ‘BBC World War One at Home’ series of programmes.


Adolf and Eva: Love and War

Frank appeared in a high profile TV documentary on Channel 5 called Adolf and Eva: Love and War

May Blitz: The Seven Days that Rocked Liverpool

Frank appears in May Blitz: The Seven Days that Rocked Liverpool. It aired on BBC1 NW on Friday 6 May, and it is available to watch online.

Rise Of The Nazi Party

Rise Of The Nazi Party is now available on DVD. Frank appears in nine of the ten episodes.


Meet The Psychopaths

Frank is talking about Adolf Hitler in a new Channel 5 series called “Meet The Psychopaths”, presented by Professor Tony Madden. Frank appears in Episode Two “Power Psychopaths”.

Evolution of Evil 01 – The Misfits Gather

First broadcast: 14/02/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

At the end of World War I, Hitler makes his way to the politically charged city of Munich, where he joins a fringe group and begins to transform it into the Nazi Party. After recruiting Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, and others to the cause, he readies his “Brownshirts” for his all-or-nothing bid to seize power by putsch.

Evolution of Evil 02 – Becoming Respectable

First broadcast: 21/02/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

Released from prison after just nine months of a five-year sentence, Hitler works with party propagandist Joseph Goebbels to rebrand the National Socialists and broaden their appeal. But by now the Weimar Republic is enjoying a better economy, and people seem unreceptive to the Nazi message until the worldwide events of 1929 change the course of history.

Evolution of Evil 03 – Seizing Power

First broadcast: 28/02/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

As the Great Depression grips the country, the Nazis grow in popularity to become the second-biggest party in the country. When the Reichstag is burned down, Hitler makes his power grab: he suppresses the Communist Party, reaches out to centrists, blames the Jews, and promises peace abroad and full employment at home.

Evolution of Evil 04 – In Power

First broadcast: 07/03/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

Now führer, or supreme ruler of Germany, Hitler puts the country to work and the military on a rebuilding program. In a series of new laws, the Nazis identify the group they consider to be the country’s chief enemy, targeting them during the events of Kristallnacht in November 1938. Soon, Hitler is ready for war.

Evolution of Evil 05 – Preparing for War

First broadcast: 14/03/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

Hitler unveils his plans for Germany’s future in Europe, much to the horror of some of his generals, who believe his timetable is reckless and unrealistic. Austria, the Sudetenland, and the rest of Czechoslovakia are his first targets, followed by Poland and the Soviet Union. By 1941, he has accomplished most of his goals, and it looks like the war is essentially over.

Evolution of Evil 06 – Hitler’s Biggest Blunder

First broadcast: 21/03/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

After invading Russia in June 1941, Hitler makes his biggest error of the war in the wake of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. The Nazis suffer a series of reverses at Stalingrad, in North Africa and Italy, and in the round-the-clock bombing of their cities by U.S. and British air forces. No amount of Goebbels’s propaganda can convince Germans they are still winning.

Evolution of Evil 07 – The Final Solution

First broadcast: 28/03/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

The Nazis groom the nation for the worst genocide in human history. Blaming the Jews for everything from Germany’s surrender in World War I to its postwar economic woes, Hitler takes a series of steps to deny them their rights as citizens and then their rights as human beings.

Evolution of Evil 08 – Plots and Delusions

First broadcast: 04/04/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

Defeat after defeat on the battlefield undermine the führer’s image of invincibility, and some army officers plot his overthrow. But Hitler believes Germany can still win the war, and just before Christmas 1944, he prepares for his final roll of the dice on the western front.

Evolution of Evil 09 – End Game

First broadcast: 11/04/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

With the Red Army closing in on Berlin, Hitler is a wreck of a man: prematurely aged, pill-dependent, losing touch with reality, and determined to fight to the end. Nazi ringleaders maneuver to save themselves and cut their own deals with the Allies. The inner circle gathers for one last time to celebrate the führer’s 56th birthday, days after which he arrives at his own final solution.

Evolution of Evil 10 – Aftermath

First broadcast: 18/04/2014 – American Heroes Channel – Evolution of Evil

The Allies make a gruesome discovery as they advance through Germany–Nazi concentration and death camps and the systematic wholesale murder of millions of people. They institute a program of denazification that only comes to an end in 1951, by which time Germany is front and center in the Cold War, which the Allies believe former Nazis can help them win.

The Story of the Swastika

First broadcast: 17/11/2013 – BBC

Seven Days That Made The Führer

First broadcast: 2013 – Channel 5

Hitler’s Damned Women

First broadcast: 2012 – National Geographic – Nazi Secrets

Hitler’s Family Secrets

First broadcast: 2012 – National Geographic – Nazi Underworld

Did Hitler live in Liverpool?

First broadcast: 28/11/2011 – BBC One – Inside Out

Actor Paul McGann asks whether the story that Hitler visited his family in Liverpool is fact or fiction. Professor Frank McDonough sheds some light on this question.

Could WWII Have Been Avoided?

First broadcast: 08/05/2010 – RT – CrossTalk

Peter Lavelle asks his guests if WWII could have been avoided and why the Nazi-Soviet pact was the result of failed western policies.

A Tale of Two Rival Cities

First broadcast: 2010 – BBC 1 – History of the World Project

Frank acted as ‘Historical Consultant’ in this documentary in the BBC’s History of the World Project. The documentary won a Royal Television Society Award.